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Plain Conscious - Sustainable, Ethically-sourced Streetwear 🌿

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Plain Conscious  - Sustainable, Ethically-sourced Streetwear 🌿

The Plain Conscious Initiative refers to our goal to become as ethical and sustainable as possible. Whenever you see the Plain Conscious logo, you know that your garment is not only ethically produced but is also sustainable. 

We aim to do this in three phases:


  • Plain Accessories Organic Overhaul
  • Bio-Degradable polybags for our stalls and deliveries 
  • A change from PVC to a eco-friendly heat transfer alternative

Phase 2 - Ongoing

  • Releasing our Plain Tracksuit range; an addition to our Plain Apparel that will house our high quality vegan garments, using organic cotton and recycled polyester in our cotton/polyblend pieces
  • Releasing our new One With Nature Collection, a premium tee and tote bag made from 100% organic materials

Phase 3 - Ongoing

  • Removal of all plastic and inorganic material from our supply chain. This is incredibly difficult to do as a business but we are determined to become one of the most ethical lifestyle brands in the UK.

Through our Plain Apparel, our customers have been able to physically “find comfort in simplicity” through the quality of our streetwear.


However, we have realised that there is another factor to comfort in regards to clothing; the mental aspect. With 100% organic or recycled materials in our clothing, you can still find physical comfort in the high quality garment while also finding mental comfort, knowing that your clothes aren’t harming the environment; in essence giving you a “Plain Conscious" 😉

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